Winter Sale 2023

Hey there!
We've got some exciting news for you. Get ready to catch some amazing deals at our Winter Sale!
Starting from November 1st, you won't want to miss out on these fantastic discounts.

Sale Period: From November 1st, 12:00 AM (EDT)

Sale Details: Buy 2 items and get 10% off, Buy 3 or more items and get 15% off (some items are excluded)

Campaign during the Sale Period:

1, If you purchase 2 Pokemon booster boxes, you will receive a free Deck Build Box Ruler of the Black Flame!
*Ends as soon as it runs out.
This campaign has ended because it reached a certain number.
Thank you!


2, Purchase $200 or more of JoJo's S.A.S series and receive one item from the eligible list as a gift!

If the total order amount for Jojo's Bizarre Adventure S.A.S is over $200, you can choose one figure of your choice from the list below.
Please write the figure you want in the order note when ordering.
If not specified, it will be selected at random.
The total order amount refers to the final price after applying discounts, etc.

Character name
1. Jotaro Kujo
2. Kishibe Rohan & Heaven's Door
3. Johnny Joestar
4. Lisa Lisa
5. Bruno Bucciarati
6. Weather・R
7. Caesar Antonio Zeppeli 2nd


3, For purchases of $150 or more, receive a $50 off coupon.
*Just remember, there are some conditions when using the coupon.
Terms of use
・Distribution period: November 1st to December 25th ETD
・Coupon usage period: February 1st to March 31st, 2024
・Eligible products: Purchases totaling $150 or more in the figure category

*Coupons will be distributed via email within 1-2 weeks after your order is shipped.