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Nintendo Pikmin 4 Hangers with Clothespins Flying feather PIKMIN Nintendo TOKYO/OSAKA NEW

Nintendo Pikmin 4 Hangers with Clothespins Flying feather PIKMIN Nintendo TOKYO/OSAKA NEW

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**It is pre-order item. Release date is Jul-31th 2023.
We'll ship within 5 business days after release.
*Brand : Nintendo
Product Details
*Size:Hanger diameter : approx. 175mm (maximum diameter approx. 198mm)
*Material : Polypropylene, steel wire (spring part)
*Country of origin : China
【Goods Attention】
*Do not use it for any purpose other than the intended use.
*There are small parts. Do not give this product to children under 3 years old as it may be swallowed or choked.
*Do not throw or swing the product. Doing so may cause breakage or injury.
*Inspect each part of the product before use.
*Due to the function and design of the product, there are sharp edges, so please handle with care.
*Please be careful not to apply excessive force to the product as it may cause damage.
*Please be careful not to pinch your fingers when installing or removing this product.
*Do not use the product outdoors in windy conditions.
*Do not use this product near fire. Doing so may cause a fire.
*When using the product, hang it in a well-balanced manner so that it does not tilt.
*Do not use it in a dangerous place in case it falls.
*Do not use it for heavy or thick objects.
*Wipe off any moisture before storing.
*Do not use or store the product in a place where it will be exposed to high temperature and high humidity.
*This product will fade and deteriorate quickly due to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Do not leave the product outdoors and store it indoors after use.
*The product is a plastic product and will deteriorate as it is used.
*If the product deteriorates, such as fading or cracking, discontinue use.
*Keep out of reach of small children.


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