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Pokemon Card Booster Box Dark Phantasma s10a Japanese

Pokemon Card Booster Box Dark Phantasma s10a Japanese

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1Box : 20 packs (1 pack = 6 cards)

*Language : Japanese
*Condition : Brand NEW! (Factory Sealed)
*It is 100% authentic Japanese product. (Not copy)

★VSTAR, Pokemon V

Hisui Zoroark VSTAR
The "VSTAR Power" characteristic, "Phantom Star," is super convenient, allowing you to trash all the cards in your hand and then draw seven cards from your deck.

It is a colorless type, making it versatile enough to fit into any deck without difficulty.

Hisui Zoroark V
Can V-evolve into Jade Zoroark VSTAR, Pokémon V.

"Utsurogaeri" is a Move that does not require energy, allowing it to return to the Bench while dealing damage. Even if this Pokémon is on the battlefield early in the game, it can replace a Bench Pokémon without any special preparation.

Hisui Goodra VSTAR
Its maximum HP is as high as 270, and its move "Iron Rolling" can reduce the damage of move it receives by "-80". What's more, the "Moist Star" characteristic of "VSTAR Power" recovers all of his HP!

As a dragon type with no weaknesses, it is difficult to defeat them with a single blow. It uses its sturdiness to hunt down its opponents.

Hisui Goodra V
A Pokémon V that can V-evolve into Hisui Goodra VSTAR.
Use the Move "Nururitokorobasu" to switch between a Battle Pokémon and a Bench Pokémon in the opponent's field and interfere with the opponent. Use the "Shell Rolling" Move to attack your opponent while reducing the damage you take.

If you can V-evolve to Hisui Goodra VSTAR while enduring in this way, you can use "Moist Star" to recover all your energy.

Hisui Electrode V
The move "Kanshaku Bomb" deals 100 damage multiplied by the number of special conditions it is affected by. Since it can be used without requiring energy, it is an ideal move for surprise attacks.

★New options for sparkling Pokemon

Glittering Gardevoir
With its "Jiai no Veil" trait, all of its Pokémon can "-20" the damage of Move received from Pokémon V. Since it is a Seed Pokémon, it is easy to put on the field and can surprise your opponent's calculations.

If an opponent tries to knock you down with a big move, use "Psychokinesis," a move that deals more damage the more energy you have on your opponent!

Glittering Hisui Sneasler
Due to its "Poison Peak" characteristic, as long as this Pokémon is present, the number of Dame-kan to put on the opponent's Battle Pokémon with "Poison" will increase by two.

In addition to using its own "Poison Jab" move to put the opponent in a "Poison" state, it is also powerful to actively target the "Poison" state by other means, such as Parasect's "Guttari-Houshi" move.


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